Have guests coming over for dinner and you are worried about the appetizers? Let’s serve Italian on French bread.. Quick and only assembling required.. Just thrown them in your grill toaster and forget.. You guests would love these beautiful little guys..
What do we need? 
1. A loaf of French bread – sliced

2. 4 Roma tomatoes finely chopped

3. Olive oil

4. Few basil leaves – chopped finely

5. Oregano

6. 2 tbsp – grated Parmesan

7. 4-5 tbsp- grated Apple smoked cheddar

8. Salt to taste

9. Little paprika

10. 1 tps black pepper powder

Let’s get cooking!
1. Brush olive oil on your bread slices

2. In a mixing bowl mix the tomatoes, basil leaves, grated Parmesan, salt, paprika and black pepper. This mixture becomes a topping for the bread.. Top each slice delicately and evenly.

3. Next top them up with the cheddar and oregano.. I am sure they look beautiful now.

4. Pop them up in your toaster oven and let the cheddar on top melt and the bread crisp up a little. This takes about 10 minutes
You are now ready with your appetizer.. Gorgeous! Aren’t they? Serve hot and cooking just when your guests arrive.