Who would not like to have a creamy tomato soup with chicken but sans the heavy cream? I would love so I tried a creamy soup without the cream.

What do we need?

1. 2 chicken breasts cut into small cubes

2. Kernels of 2 corns

3. 8 small to medium sized tomatoes cut into cubes (it would be great if you have different varieties of tomatoes)

4. 1 cup milk

5. Some white flour

6. Paste of 2 garlic flakes

7. Salt to taste

8. 1/2 tea spoon- Red chili powder

9. Pinch sugar

10. 1/2 stick butter

11. 1 tea spoon ground black pepper

Let’s get cooking

1. In a sauce pan add a little butter and throw in the tomatoes and corn and let them cook until most of the tomatoes have reduced.

2. Now in a mixer put in the tomatoes and corn and make a purée.

3. The purée goes back into the sauce pan.

4. Add salt, sugar, black pepper, remaining butter, red chili powder and the chicken.. Let it cook on low heat and let the flavors infuse.

5. While this is cooking, in a small sauce pan pour the milk and let it boil. Once the milk comes to a boil, add flour to the milk stirring continuously and once it comes to a think consistency add a little salt and the garlic paste and pour this mixture into the tomato mixture.

Let it cook on low for a few minutes or until the chicken is cooked.

Serve hot with bread and enjoy a creamy soup without cream